Pyze Announces $ 4.6 Million Funding for AI-Based Campaigns and Analyzes

Pyze announced today a $ 4.6 million financing to develop its business. Pyze has developed the unique ability to integrate business services such as cross-platform user behavior analysis, AI-based user segmentation, and user-centric user interaction. marketing automation as native extensions of any digital platform.

The tour was led by Illuminate Ventures with the participation of Benhamou Global Ventures and Correlation Ventures. Cindy Padnos, founder and managing partner at Illuminate, will join Pyze's board of directors.

The Pyze solution is unique in that it combines both cross-platform analysis and omnichannel marketing campaigns to enable any company to understand its users and interact effectively with them. Since most enterprise applications already cover the Web and mobile, with increased fragmentation of service delivery, Pyze is well positioned for strong growth. Pyze has an innovative distribution model that allows any business platform to integrate their capabilities and offer them to their customers.

The Pyze solution relies on the operation of Machine Learning to enable user segmentation and AI to determine the best channel, platform, and time to lead marketing campaigns. Pyze can enable users to browse organic and fee – based media networks to maximize return on investment. The fundamentals of AI give Pyze a considerable advantage in a market that is struggling to cope with increasing complexity and scale.

"We are seeing a growing demand from application platforms, markets, and multi-brand companies to use Pyze to understand cross-platform user behavior and deploy the tools needed to effectively engage every user," said Prabhjot. Singh, co-founder and CEO of Pyze. "The number of screens around us will only increase, and marketers need to engage users where they spend their time not thinking about e-mail campaigns, paid media campaigns, or push messaging campaigns." .

"The ability to offer our customers sophisticated analytics and automated marketing capabilities is a significant benefit for MobileSoft," said Jason Soto, vice president and general manager of MobileSoft. "Our customers love using the platform, especially integrated usage analytics and automated campaign execution, which allows us to offer our customers the growth marketing tools they need to deal with." to competition.

Pyze has been recognized as a leading industry opinion by many independent analysts. Pyze is featured in Gartner's Market Guide for Web Analytics and Mobile Apps and in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Mobile Marketing Platforms. The company also recently announced a partnership with MobileSoft, the market leader in the development of code-free consumer mobile applications, to provide behavior analysis and marketing to more than 50,000 companies across their 300,000 applications.

"It's not uncommon for a company to combine both a unique product and an innovative market strategy," said Cindy Padnos – founder and managing partner of Illuminate Ventures. "We are excited to have the opportunity to work with the Pyze team to support their vision and to integrate the best analytics and marketing automation across virtually every platform. While business services span multiple devices and marketing campaigns become channel-independent, Pyze's features will become a must for leading digital platforms and businesses. "

Pyze has signed partnerships with a number of web and mobile application platforms that enable it to realize economies of scale. The company plans to use new funding to develop new product features around predictive campaigns and also focus on marketing / sales efforts to expand its reach.

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