Stree Nidhi loans to insure

The state government has expanded the scope of the Stree Nidhi Credit Cooperative Federation Limited by providing insurance coverage to members of the self-help group. As a result, members of self-help groups who take out loans from the Federation would be covered to the extent of the loan. In case of death of the member, the federation would deduct the amount of the remaining loan and refund the balance to the family members of the deceased.

In addition, immediate assistance of ¥ 5,000 would be provided to the family of the SHG member insured as funeral expenses / cremation. Panchayat Raj and the Minister of Rural Development, Errabelli Dayakar Rao, said here after publishing Thursday a handbook on the activities of the federation, accompanied by the annual report of the federation for the previous fiscal year. Copies of the manual would be distributed to all SHG groups of more than 5 lakh across the state, explaining them about schemes, including those relating to available financial assistance.

The manual contains detailed information on procedures for obtaining loans from the Stree Nidhi Federation, which has made loans of up to 3 lakh to each member. The manual added to the training provided to 250 selected members to educate members about the facilities they could benefit from through the Federation.

At a review meeting with senior officials on the activities of the Society for the Eradication of Rural Poverty, Mr. Dayakar Rao asked them to understand the specific needs of villages and villages. 39, develop action plans to meet them accordingly. The focus should be on creating jobs for rural women and civil servants should focus on identifying opportunities available in the service sector.

Urging the concerned officials to develop the activities of the SERP, he hoped that they would explore the options available in agriculture and related sectors in addition to women's empowerment activities. Steps should be taken to encourage women to export commercial products such as turmeric and peppers through SHGs, while managers should collect information on inactive groups, village and meadow simultaneously, so They can be activated at the earliest.

Nearly 65% ​​of the groups were active and engaged in different activities now and efforts should be made to increase this number to over 85%. Given the large number of women engaged in agricultural activities, the relevant officials were tasked to examine the possibility of entrusting women's groups with common cultural practices.