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In this article:

  1. Misconceptions about artificial intelligence
  2. Applications of artificial intelligence in sales today
  3. The pros of artificial intelligence
    1. Acts as an assistant for humans
    2. Help with lead scoring
    3. Capable of human interactions
    4. Help with forecasting
  4. How AI uses data
  5. Why artificial intelligence sees growth slowing down in the market
  6. Last tip of Babar Batla

The pros of artificial intelligence | Development of AI

Babar Batla is the co-founder and CEO of Prior to assuming this role, Batla has spent the last 16 years between Microsoft and Google, two leading organizations in the B2B industry.

Currently, he is working to train his artificial intelligence system so that he becomes the "best companion for business managers and sales managers." is a SaaS offering for B2B sales organizations.

What they do basically is give the executives insight into their business so that they can make decisions before it's too late. They created an AI solution that produces better data, and therefore a better forecast.

Misconceptions about artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is nowadays a buzzword. Because of this, there are many different perceptions about what we are currently doing in this technological development.

Batla said that he liked to consider the AI ​​as a "trip". The recipients of the AI ​​have a different perception of the current situation of this trip.

He also had his lot of misconceptions when he talked to their clients and prospects. This led Batla to notice the confusion that reigns in the AI ​​market.

He shared with us some of the questions that he commonly receives. For example, some sales managers ask him if artificial intelligence can tell them when the transaction will be concluded.

For that, he says, it is not possible. This is because there are too many factors outside the data itself and whether transactions are concluded or not.

Another question he receives is this: Can AI change opportunities in CRM? Batla said it was possible, but he asked the customer if they were really ready.

Some also fear that AI will replace sales representatives and managers.

We have all these perceptions and ideal scenarios regarding the benefits of artificial intelligence and its possibilities. However, we must also remember that we all have to balance them.

Batla said it was important to know if a given AI task was feasible. It is also good to check the willingness of your organization to entrust an AI with the work for your account.

The perceptions that Batla usually hears from people are part of the normative AI spectrum. Later, he will share with us what he is doing.

Applications of artificial intelligence in sales today

As Batla said, it's good to have a glimpse of what's really possible in the field of AI today. It also helps us to know where we are going.

The market is mature with respect to commercial applications of AI. Batla shared with us the three types of artificial intelligence that we use today in sales:

  • Descriptive and diagnostic AI – Here, AI examines the historical data and determines what has already happened and how these events are correlated. One of his abilities is to be able to identify the characteristics that make a good or bad advance.
  • Predictive AI – Many people invest in it because it allows a system to predict what will happen in the future. For example, it can predict the likelihood that a certain lead will result in something positive, such as a demonstration or agreement.
  • Prescriptive AI – It allows the system to suggest the actions that a human should undertake in order to obtain positive results. For example, the system can tell you that it's time to contact someone to improve the chances of winning. attaches to lead the charge in the normative AI. It is also worth noting that at some point, sales-related activities will eventually work with a type of data engine with artificial intelligence.

The pros of artificial intelligence

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Work with AI for better sales

After learning the misconceptions and applications of AI, we asked Batla about the benefits of artificial intelligence.

Where does this technology work in sales and marketing? How do we use AI to improve the customer experience and the lives of sellers and marketers?

Batla has listed some areas in which we see the benefits of AI.

1. Acts as an assistant for humans

First, he acts as an assistant and grumbler to humans.

Artificial intelligence does all the work for which humans do not have the time, skills and knowledge. This is the main value of AI for customers.

2. Help with lead notation

The notation of lead is also an area in which we make good use of AI. Leverage artificial intelligence to examine models and determine which of the two types of leads is better than another is a simple application of the system.

It can analyze data at scale. An average B2B company does not just deal with hundreds of leads, but rather thousands.

Obviously, it's very difficult for humans to do it permanently. Hence the need for an AI system.

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3. Capable of human interactions

There are also artificial intelligence tools that facilitate human behavior and interactions. This is similar to the underlying technology used by Alexa and Siri who mimics a human.

Ultimately, this advanced technology is no more than an AI interface using AI technologies.

Batla said that one of the misconceptions about AI is that it can only interact in a human way. Although this is a well-known feature, it is not the only one available.

In the business world, many people are attracted to solutions that offer the capabilities of AI to human likeness. This has led the Batla team to believe that customers think it's the only type of AI on the market.

4. Help with forecasting

Prediction is also one of the advantages of artificial intelligence. In the end, the funnel aims to produce an output, which is a forecast.

Therefore, if you can predict predictions and make sound decisions before it's too late, then AI will have done its job well.

Based on experience and research, the Batla team discovered that software companies' approach to predictive forecasting presented fundamental flaws.

Even with Business Intelligence (BI), the data principle is "garbage in, garbage out". If a system uses historical data to predict the future and the data does not have a causal link, it means nothing.

If you enter a bunch of random data in the machine, you will certainly have garbage.

The most exciting part of Batla and his team is solving the data problem by making it clean and correct. In this way, their customers can enter good data into the machine and produce much better information.

How AI uses data

artificial intelligence data | Why should you use AI now w / Babar Batla @ | pros for artificial intelligence | prospecting

IA using data to produce results

You may be wondering how important is the role that data plays in artificial intelligence?

As Batla has said, the data is the "nutrition" that you give to the AI. The problem is that now, there is not much of a goal: to get good data for the system itself.

Batla thinks it's a big mistake on the market today, but he thinks people working in technology do not ignore that. The cause of this problem is the excessive focus on defining the meaning of the data.

Why artificial intelligence sees growth slowing down in the market

Even with the many benefits of artificial intelligence, it has still not been removed from the market as quickly as expected. Batla shared with us some of the reasons why.

First of all, it's "a very complicated thing to solve". Not because of the technology or the AI ​​required, but rather because of the permutation of commercial situations.

Each company has a different forecasting approach, and that makes it complicated.

Another critical point is that a significant number of sales managers today plan to hold someone accountable. They are not data-driven sales managers, but rather responsible-accountable-responsible.

Although it is a beautiful trait, it is not feasible for a company whose leaders do not stay more than two years. They could face situations in which it is too late to do things right.

It's the problem of empowering people and refusing to use machines to get help.

This type of responsibility works when you have five to ten years of tenure for sales managers. Yet, as we see it today in companies, this is no longer the case.

Last tip of Babar Batla

At the end of the conversation, Batla gave us good advice. This involves focusing on the problem of the business and looking for a solution to solve it.

He went on to say that we should not be seduced by the marketing we see. Instead, we should pay attention to our business problem and be critical to finding the appropriate technology that can solve it for us.

If you'd like to learn more about Babar Batla and, visit his LinkedIn page and their company's website. You can also check their eBook, Demystify the AI ​​Blackbox, to learn more about artificial intelligence.

As you work to improve your business and make it more efficient, it is good to know the benefits of artificial intelligence. Thus, when opportunities are presented to you, you can opt for the best AI application that meets your needs.

Who knows, you may find the solution to your business problem in the next AI software that you will try.

What would you like to know more about AI sales? We would like to hear from you in the comments section below.


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