R / GirlGamers memes help women and non-binary players deal with harassment

For the current series, Code word, we seek to know if – and how – technology can protect individuals from sexual assault and harassment, and how it can help and support survivors.

While the stereotypes of society make you believe that the gaming industry is a male-only arena of masculinity, women are actually nearly half of video game players. But despite their numbers, women are not treated equally and are often victims of online abuse and sexual harassment by male gamblers.

The subreddit / r / GirlGamerscurrently has more than 80,000 members, but aims to remedy this situation. To do this, it provides an online community space allowing people of all genres and all identities of the game industry to connect, play together, discuss the realities of being a woman or not to be binary in the industry, and to share the sure m that every non-binary player and woman can relate to.

For example, the comical illustration of a woman using an online voice chat and immediately hearing something like, "Hey, eGirl! I want to eat you and suck your toes.