Email Prospecting vs. Cold Calling: What's Better?

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Combination of email and telephone prospecting for sales success

You may be able to achieve simple goals with email: schedule a meeting, answer one-time questions, and more. However, when a customer is ready to complete the transaction, you will need to contact him by phone.

"With regard to closing, on this type of conversation, a call is preferable to an email. When there are negotiations in play, when they try to get answers to questions, further down the customer journey, it's the best time to make a phone call and a demonstration, "said Scott Mark.

E-mail prospecting is best when you want to reach a large number of people for lead generation. Of course, you must make sure that email is not an end in itself.

When you prospect for e-mail sales, you need to get customers to talk to you.

Effective prospecting, whether by phone, email, or even social media, will depend on your goal.

When to use cold calls

With e-mails and phone calls, it's not one or the other, says Scott. They each have their place in the sales activity cycle and contribute heavily to the result of the final agreement.

"Personally, I'm a guy on the phone. The way I did it in the past and the way I trained my team all involve phone calls, "admitted Scott.

"Studies show that you must first send an email and then follow up with a call. I still think you should call and leave a voicemail message and tell them that you have sent an email. "

"The call, voicemail and email must be correlated," says Scott.

Cold calls are excellent, given all the control you have over your conversation with a lead. If it's something that interests you, then maybe cold calls are the way to go.

However, note that few people will be willing to receive cold calls. Do not forget not to get into a full sales pitch right from the first call, so as not to scare away potential customers.

Certainly, you need to consider various other factors when developing your sales pace strategy: the target audience, the type of product and even the response rates of your business area.

Test the best types of sales activities

The tests done internally should tell you the types of interactions and messages that your audience resonates with. If you want to know the industry benchmarks, the 2017 Rate of Sales Report can give you an idea.

In this study, InsideSales Labs audited the sales of 8,000 companies and analyzed the results to determine how companies around the world interact with their prospects. has also created a comprehensive guide to the type of sales pace that best suits different audiences.

To see which sales activities work best: email, phone call, voicemail – click here to sign up!

Email Prospecting vs Cold Call: The Final Verdict

Basically, there is not one sales activity better than the other. Overall, each sales activity has its own advantages, which can be integrated into a team's sales tactics.

As long as you know the best situations for these two activities, they can live in harmony in your sales process strategy.

What do you prefer between email prospecting and cold calling for sales? Why is this your favorite method? Let us know by leaving a comment at the bottom!


Editor's Note: This position was first published in August 2017 and has been updated to improve its quality and relevance.

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