BJP to Finalize Headquarters Sharing with Shiv Sena in Maharashtra

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) hopes to finalize the seat-sharing agreements with Shiv Sena from here on September 22 or next weekend, before the assembly elections in Maharashtra, but it is clear that the question of who is the dominant partner has been settled his favor.

The main party sources said L & # 39; Hindu that the alliance with Shiv Sena, called "Mahayuthi", was very active, but that the seats (number and specific areas) were still being negotiated between the two parties. Before the two parties split up just before the 2014 Assembly (which later regrouped to become Devendra Fadnavis government partners), the seat-sharing agreement was heavily burdened in favor of Shiv Sena. , which disputed 169, while the BJP 119 places. At the end of 2014, the BJP, on the Modi wave, wanted renegotiation on a more realistic assessment of the situation on the ground. Discussions broke down in October 2014 and the two tracks separated. The BJP and Shiv Sena returned together after a period of separation.

"Face to face"

"What is interesting, of course, is that out of a total of 288 seats in the Assembly [one member is nominated to the Assembly, taking the total number to 289], the BJP and Shiv Sena competed directly in 54 seats. The BJP won 32 of these seats and the Shiv Sena 22. Thus, the question of who is the dominant force of the Mahayuthi was settled in the last elections, "said a BJP leader.

"That's when the BJP fought only 260 seats and Sena 280," the source added.

The BJP had played 25 seats out of a total of 48 seats at the Lok Sabha polls, and the Sena 23. The BJP's strike rate is also better, with the party winning 23 seats; the Sena entered with 18 seats.

With all these figures, the BJP is determined to settle the question of who can be perceived as the big brother of the alliance in its favor, for some time yet.