Physical therapy equipment for exercise enthusiasts

Body work to reduce pain and prevent injuries.

Body work to reduce pain and prevent injuries. (Form via Unsplash /)

Sometimes you overtrain. Sometimes you train. And sometimes, you stumble on the sidewalk. No matter how you find yourself in physical therapy, being hurt is an unfortunate aspect of an athlete's life. During your recovery, you will probably be assigned an exercise program to help you develop strength, improve balance, increase flexibility, and recycle your body so that it breaks down its bad habits. These quality products for your home can help you do your job while you're healing, build protective muscles, and form new movement patterns that minimize the risk of injury.

Yoga mats are not just for yoga.

Yoga mats are not just for yoga. (Amazon/)

Spreading on a hardwood floor to stretch or sink in the rug while holding a board is never fun. This PVC yoga mat provides thick cushioning and anti-slip traction at an affordable price. It weighs a little over three pounds and is easy to carry to the gym with a strap or bag. Use it for all your floor exercises, even if the only dog ​​in your life that is heading down is the Golden Retriever that digs up your backyard.

Shoot together.

Shoot together. (Amazon/)

Resistance bands are a staple of physical therapy, used in well-named exercises such as monster walks and shells. This TheraBand beginner set does not contain latex and includes three tape resistors ranging from yellow (minimal resistance) to red (maximum strength). Holidays and business trips are no longer an excuse to ignore your PT-recommended program, these light strips are as portable as they are.

A simple tool to increase flexibility.

A simple tool to increase flexibility. (Amazon/)

Physiotherapists will often help patients to use careful and controlled movements to stretch further than you could without help. Exercise straps do not replace people, but can perform a similar function. Since 1993, OPTP has been manufacturing this quality nylon strap, accompanied by a booklet containing 30 exercises and anatomical illustrations. Use your strap to target tense muscles and expand the range of your movements. Enjoy 10 loops for the hands and feet over a length of 6'4 "for a safer grip.

The good kind of evil.

The good kind of evil. (Amazon/)

Made from dense and firm polypropylene, this solid foam roller is designed to target aching or contracted muscles. You will need some tips before adding rolling to your warm-up or recovery routine because there are definitely parts of the body that you do not want to roll. Physiotherapists, sports massage therapists and personal trainers can all have tips on the best exercises to try. With three feet long and half a foot wide, this size fits most people and is a great place to start.

Keep on the ball.

Keep on the ball. (Amazon/)

If you have enough room for this half-ball in your apartment or home, you'll love having the opportunity to work your core and improve your balance in different ways. You can jump, kneel, stand or even lie on the ball, designed to be non-slip and come with resistance bands (not the same type as TheraBands) and a training guide. Flip the ball over for an unstable challenge that makes you feel like you are surfing in the middle of the living room.