How to create a successful e-commerce mobile app

Having a mobile e-commerce application is not a big problem – but creating a successful e-commerce mobile application is difficult. The social trade and e-commerce industries are booming, and every actor wants to get on the bandwagon. At the same time, the number of Shopping apps increases, so it's hard to preserve your space in the saturated app store. There is a lot of competition when building an application. Here are some things to consider before creating a successful e-commerce mobile app.

There are many blogs and news offering information on creating mobile shopping apps.

Nevertheless, there are huge needs for practical content that brings real value to the owners of beginner apps. As a leading mobile application development company in the United States, we are familiar with the secrets function of creating a compelling e-commerce application.

You must consider what you should consider before creating a successful e-commerce mobile application. In addition, this article describes income statements for the most part popular shopping apps and the most common e-commerce application design errors.

Why stakeholders are mobilizing for the e-commerce application

The last two years are due to e-commerce and this year will be the same. 2019 is a floating year for e-commerce, mobile commerce and social commerce. Do not be confused by the new terms; it's just a form of e-commerce update.

M-commerce applies to mobile devices, to a shopping or e-commerce system that takes advantage of the massive use of smartphones. An ecommerce application designed specifically for mobile users has used M-commerce. On the contrary, Social Commerce belongs to social media platforms that allow users to make purchases directly via social media such as Instagram and Facebook.

In the meantime, social commerce and mobile commerce are part of the e-commerce system, but they are different from the process. according to Statista, revenues in the e-commerce market in 2019 exceed $ 1,797,645 million. In addition, the expected growth rate of revenues by 2023 will be US $ 2,664,705 million.

Statisa depth statistics show that fashion and lifestyle clothing is the largest segment with a market volume of US $ 577,415 million in 2019. The penetration rate of users is 52.3% in 2019, which is expected to strengthen by 61 percent in 2023. In addition, it shows that the average revenue per user currently stands at 466.59 USD.

E-Commerce Market Revenue, Popular Segment and Statista ARPU

  • Revenues in the e-commerce market amounted to US $ 1,797,645 million in 2019.
  • Revenues are expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2019-2023) of 10.3%, giving a market volume of US $ 2,664,705 million by 2023.
  • The largest sector of the market is fashion, with a market volume of $ 577,415 million in 2019.
  • The penetration rate of users is 52.3% in 2019 and is expected to reach 61.1% by 2023.
  • Average revenue per user (ARPU) is currently $ 466.59.
Ecommerce Mobile Application Successful
How to create a mobile e-commerce application

Things to consider before creating a successful e-commerce mobile application

The statistics above mention the importance of the mobile e-commerce application for business owners. However, the mobile application represents the only future for the growth of e-commerce, because users like to scroll through the Internet via smartphones. Here we share the elements to consider before creating a successful e-commerce mobile application.

To delve into the details, we must first identify the most popular shopping apps in the United States, sorted by reach. Static Statista recites a clear picture of shopping apps. Without a doubt, Amazon, Walmart and eBay have moved to the top of the list. 77.3% of mobile users accessed the Amazon app. Walmart reached a 40.7% audience in the US mobile market.

most popular shopping apps in the United States
The most popular mobile shopping apps in the United States in March 2019.

Statistics are frequently questioned in the minds of businessmen.

The entrepreneur knows the value and fate of an enterprise based application. At the same time, they can not opt ​​for a substantial choice towards a productive e-commerce application composition, let alone the development of the online store. More often than not, entrepreneurs lack specialized information. In one way or another, they must know certain essential standards of advancement.

Simple and secure payment method.

To create a reliable ecommerce application design interface, you need to set a secure payment strategy for users. Even if the procurement strategy is not verified, is not hindered or all modes of purchase are not strengthened at this stage, it is a more important opportunity to increase the rate of purchase. rebound of your web interface.

The secure payment strategy makes positive in the public mind. Keep in mind that – build an ideal and secure payment slice strategy Try to make a simple payment process as much as you can; generally, buyers feel disturbed by a complicated payment procedure.

Compatible App Design for all sizes.

Whether for a successful online store or for a profitable e-business application, attractive and responsive user interface design for mobile applications is a factor of need. The user interface and the user experience (UX) assume outstanding work in online business. A better application design can interest the audience and give a perfectly clean appearance for all sizes.

As we all know the growing smartphone industry, many features and sizes are being updated every day. Foldable phones are the latest trend in the market. Therefore, your e-commerce needs to adapt to all possible dimensions. To do it right, hire a renowned mobile application development company.

Landing landing page.

The best route for aggressive applications and the return on investment of elevators is an ideal landing page. This is a kind of promotional device for land, all lead from the advertising of a page. The landing pages must be for advertising purposes. it's usually your custom admin page, us or your contact page. Create greeting pages with business needs and bring attractive content, writing.

All popular e-commerce mobile applications take advantage of referral pages, so it's time to create your own. For the first time, when everyone had heard about landing pages, he had lost his mind by placing a parallel landing page and a mobile app. But the landing page can increase the growth of all applications by including CTA (call to action), infographic, attractive text and essential links.

Attractive content and writing.

The content must attract your customer or users; Copywriting is the best device to do this task. Writing is exceptionally written unilateral content to connect to the client. The content of the application also plays a remarkable job in a successful mobile application. An appropriate font style and rich content always bring you top quality candidates.

Compose the description of killer items and attractive titles with the use of writing. Try to compose an engaging line in writing rather than exhausting lines such as current purchases or an obligation to make purchases.

Ecommerce application design errors
Compose the description of killer objects and attractive titles.

How to avoid common mistakes in the design of e-commerce applications

Application errors are challenged in people's minds. They know the value and future of the e-commerce business, but they can not choose at the same time a substantial choice in profitable e-commerce application design and Responsive application design. More often than not, entrepreneurs do not have specialized learning, but in one way or another, they discover how to develop free e-commerce applications with the Application designer format.

For the development and design of ecommerce-free mobile e-commerce applications, you just need to consider a reputable shopping application in your business category. By comparing the most popular shopping apps, you can actually design the best ecommerce plan.

  • Checkout Design must be comfortable, convenient and bring less content.
  • The white spaces and the simple color palette are the key to an attractive design.
  • The basic home pages are out of date. create a landing page for the captured lead.
  • Try to use a color code, an icon, items based on the business category.
  • Video content, writing, movement and animated graphics are useful.

Final thought

At the conclusion of the article, we can agree that there are many things to consider outside the promotion of coding and application. Ideation and brainstorming, while choosing the right tools, are the deciding factor for a fascinating e-commerce application. We discussed the most common design mistakes in shopping applications and how to avoid them.

In addition, this part of the content described the statistics of the importance of e-commerce applications. For creating an ecommerce application with a renowned mobile application development company, the United States. I hope that this tiny information will satisfy your questions regarding the creation of a successful mobile eCommerce application.

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