The Simple Reasons Why You Fight To Succeed · The Sales Blog

The Simple Reasons Why You Fight To Succeed · The Sales Blog

If you want something you do not have, there are many reasons why you have trouble acquiring it.

  • Lack of clarityIf you do not have a very clear idea of ​​what you want, you probably will not get it. You may want more money, but even if you have a few extra dollars, it's not exactly what you want. You may want a new career, but unless and until you define exactly what this new career has to provide you, changing jobs or your job will probably not give you what it is. missing. Because most people do not strive to conceive the life and results they want with great clarity, they have trouble getting them. The first thing to do is to specify what you want.
  • Too little effort: I looked at the secret. I am fully aware of the law of attraction, the idea that you attract the things you want by manifesting them first in your mind. What seems to be most effective in attracting the things you want is to become the kind of person that could generate the result you want, and the best way for you to become that person is to make every effort to get the desired result. want to. Too little effort to be more, combined with minimal efforts to do more, will not attract anything of importance to you. Your success is proportional to your efforts to become more and do more, much more.
  • Sporadic effort: A derivative of the previous point. It is important to deploy the effort for a day, a week or a quarter. One day means you started. A week of constant effort is the beginning of discipline and maybe even a habit. A full quarter demonstrates your desire to create a higher level of achievement. But day and here will not produce any results to note. A week is a great effort unless you let it go a week later. The sporadic your approach is, the more you will miss the desired result.
  • Unwilling to change approach: Some people can not learn anything. Their learning disability lies in the fact that they already know everything they need to know. Their beliefs, even those that do not correspond to reality, are so great that they can not capture new information, ideas, strategies or tactics. They cling to their approach, preferring to believe that they are right and that others who are already producing the success they want have a natural advantage that was denied them at birth – or by some external circumstances. Because they do not want to be wrong and change their approach, they do not find the success they want. Each success story will include a chapter where the individual had to change what he was doing to succeed.
  • Desire to take shortcuts: Most people want to get rich fast. The rich succeed slowly. Most people who want to stay in shape prefer to take a pill than work to improve their health. Those seeking entrepreneurial success want a fast-growing, wealth-creating event that does not require hard work or dedication to creating and running a business. The desire to take shortcuts violates the laws of nature. There is no result worthy of being obtained that does not require time and effort, and sometimes money. Many people who seek success spend years avoiding doing the work necessary to produce it, much more than it would have taken to get the job done and get the desired result. You'd better do the job than trying to deceive the success of his payment, what he always requires and careful audits.
  • Give up too early: There is this cartoon that you can find on the Internet with two people with picks looking for gold. One of them is about to acquire gold, but he notices that the other person has found gold. Thus, the person who was close to the gold moves where the other has found gold, even if there is more. The reason many people do not achieve the desired success in some areas of their lives is that they give up too soon. It is sometimes difficult to say how close you are to the desired result. You must persist until you achieve the desired result.

If you want to succeed, avoid the things that prevent you from getting it.

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