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Desire to win: You will not win if you can live with a loss. You will not win if there is not something burning in you. The yearning is the starting point of the victory. You must want it as you want your next breath. You must feel it, like a hunger, an insatiable insatiable need, which will not be easily satiated.

One or both opponents: You also face one or more opponents. You are facing a competitor who is trying to beat you, or you are experiencing your most difficult competition yourself. Most of the time, you face both opponents. If you are fueled by a burning desire to win, you must first overcome your apathy, complacency and desire to seek comfort. It is only then that you will do the work necessary to win your rival. Of both, your opponent is the least threat.

Preparation: The winners are getting ready. They train. They repeat. They practice. They plan. They do the work necessary to put them in a position to win. The winner's desire to work harder than most others creates an asymmetrical advantage, a strategic shift as well as a difference in skills. The winners engage in the process.

Avoid non-forced errors: Winning requires to avoid losing because of non-forced errors, those errors that could have been avoided or avoided. One of the most important ways to make sure you win is to not fight yourself.

Shoot all the weapons: The loss is often the result of shy attempts and half measures. This is the result of holding back something that would strongly tilt the playing field in your direction. Winning can take all you have in your arsenal. You may have deployed more of your weapons to win, but when it's the difference between winning and losing, you can not eliminate using the resources needed to win.

Exploit opportunities: One way to lose is to miss opportunities. You miss opportunities when you are so focused on what you are trying to do that you are not paying attention to the game. You win when you look for opportunities that give you the opportunity to create an advantage. You win when you recognize the opportunities and are ready to take advantage of them.

Leave everything on the ground: Some give up too soon. Some give up on their own. Some are easily discouraged and lose courage. To win difficult contests, you have to play with everything you have, leave everything on the field.

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