3D pens that bring doodling to a new dimension

Create more with your pen.

Create more with your pen. (Amazon/)

From early childhood, we use drawing to give life to our imaginary worlds. Unfortunately, no matter how many pencil and marker colors you use, the end results are always tightly limited to a flat surface. This is no longer the case: 3D doodle pens use slightly heated and extruded plastic, transforming a familiar device into something like a sculpting tool. Below are some of our favorite portable 3D printers.

When it's time to get serious.

When it's time to get serious. (Amazon/)

The 3Doodler is a slightly more professional and feature-rich version of the 3D pen, down to its general appearance, feel and presentation. It's not just about creating cool designs, they also encourage you to find ways to fix things or "hack" them to make them work better with a few quick handmade accessories. Leather-style color options available with the base kit include "Wood", "Matte" and "Glossy" – understated and elegant finishes, as opposed to the rainbow selection of brands most targeted by children . The pen itself is small, feels natural in your hand and has six interchangeable nozzles. The accompanying 3Doodler app has easy-to-follow stencils and design ideas and direct access to your social media accounts to post your creations.

Built, not drawn.

Built, not drawn. (Amazon/)

Anticipating the first reaction of each parent "is it safe", leads Mynt3D with its reassuring and comprehensive security measures. Compatible with PCL at low temperature and odorless (a bio-polyester), the pen also has an intelligent temperature control in order to avoid any glue gun type burn. The kit comes with a USB charging cable, instruction manuals and stencils.

A work of art in itself.

A work of art in itself. (Amazon/)

One of the drawbacks of the 3D pen is that it can often feel bulky and not very "pen" in your hand. The Kingele is your thinnest hardware option, and feels light and natural in your hand. In addition to an OLED screen, the stylus also includes adjustable speed controls that allow you to change the speed at which the filaments come out of the stylus, depending on your artistic style and skill level. This compact pen comes with three random colors of PLA filament, a USB cable, a screwdriver and an AC adapter.