Here is your 2020 B2B hunting license · The sales blog

Here is your 2020 B2B hunting license · The sales blog

This license authorizes the holder to seek new opportunities. In exchange for this privilege, the holder will respect the following rules and directives:

  1. The licensee will need to pick up the phone and call potential customers. The licensee agrees not to use email as the sole method of meeting planning. The licensee will be authorized to use electronic mail as a follow-up to telephone calls and voice messages. Provided that the holder of this license develops a prospecting rate which includes other forms of communication, electronic mail will be authorized, as long as it is not the dominant medium.
  2. Licensee agrees that it is responsible for developing a dream client list and keeping a record of those clients as evidence that they are targeting clients for which they can create breathtaking, breathtaking, overwhelming value. Although other opportunities are allowed, all hunters are strongly encouraged to use this license responsibly to gain meaningful customers who will appreciate them as a partner. Some potential customers are too small and need to be preserved until their need increases to be worthy of the licensee's time and attention.
  3. The licensee agrees that any excessive dependence on prospects or marketing will result in the loss of this license. In the event that we execute this clause, the licensee will receive the less valid and undesirable "order taker" license, which limits its role to internal sales, regardless of loss of income or opportunity. The holder is eligible and encouraged to submit a new request within twelve months.
  4. This license obliges the hunter to demonstrate professional perseverance. The holder undertakes not to make a single attempt to contact his potential customer without following him with additional efforts. A single attempt to schedule a meeting without further attempts will prove that the holder of this license does not have the necessary mentality to enjoy the rights and privileges of a license holder. If convicted, the hunter will not be eligible for a new license until he has proven that he is mature enough to trust him. If the holder of this license can determine that the prospect is disqualified, he is authorized and encouraged to immediately stop his pursuit.
  5. In possession of this license, the holder must spend at least sixty minutes a day on the phone. If the holder does not want to exercise his hunting privilege, this organization retains the power to revoke the license and give it to the many people who are waiting for their chance. The evidence that the licensee is not hunting on their territory is not fair to potential customers, because they need help, and they deserve someone who will do the work to create an opportunity to help them with better results.
  6. Special note: Any attempt to hunt on LinkedIn by sending a connection request followed by a message announcing an appointment will result in the immediate loss of your license for a period of five years. Including a link to your calendar and asking the prospect to plan with you will automatically lose your license for life.
  7. The holder of this license also undertakes to exchange sufficient value for the time he requests from his potential customers. Evidence that the incumbent's intention to provide value beyond the time it requests includes possession of a theory of how its client could produce better business results, solve a systemic problem, gaining an advantage in its market, taking advantage of an opportunity or avoiding certain future damages. If there is a question of whether the value was high enough, the client will have to testify that he is better after the meeting.
  8. The hunter accepts to be human in pursuit of his dream clients, doing nothing to cause them undue pain or suffering, avoiding anything that an objective observer could see as a form of cruelty or torture. Hunter agrees not to force his dream client to sit on a slide show on the excellence of his business, his global footprint, the logos of his big clients and an argument explaining why he should buy from the hunter will result in the loss of their license until such a time they are able to demonstrate that they have changed their approach to sales conversations. The rule here refers to the laws and regulations adopted during the Atlanta Conventions of 2017, 2018 and 2019, chaired by Jeb Blount, Anthony Iannarino, Mark Hunter, Mike Weinberg and Victor Antonio.
  9. Licensee agrees to prepare their first meeting, do the necessary research, set an agenda, develop a list of questions and provide ideas and ideas on why the client's his dreams should change. If you waste time, the customer will be fined $ 1,250 for the first incident, a penalty that will double in a second incident. A third violation in twelve months will require the licensee to sell door-to-door vacuums for a period of at least sixty days. As the Atlanta Conventions (section C, rule 111.14) point out in the 2019 agreements, "Saying no and throwing yourself out of their porch reminds you of how much they value their time." too severe, it was overwhelmingly supported and ratified.

This license is not transferable and must be renewed every year. The price for this license is the licensee's total commitment to study his trade, hone his skills and exercise the discipline to do the job.

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