Electric snow blowers to relieve shoveling pain

Similar to the Snow Joe SJ623E, the popular Toro 38381 has a 15 amp motor and can clear an 18 inch wide path. It also gives you more control over how you throw your snow: a lever on the chute allows you to change the direction of the exit, and a slide deflector allows you to manage the height of the exit by tilting the chute and by locking the angle. If you live in high latitudes, where melting is a slow process on the glacier, this option makes it easier to accumulate snow until spring. The ergonomic handle offers different levels of comfort for frequent and infrequent users. Plus, the blower weighs just 25 pounds, saving you a little effort to transport your machine in and out of the garage. You will get an additional two inches of snow removal depth (for one foot in total) from each pass along the driveway.