Twitter adds custom Bitcoin emoji

Hello Forkers, welcome to Moonday Mornings, Hard Fork's summary of the best cryptocurrency and blockchain titles of the weekend that you can't afford to miss!

Let's see what happened this week:

1. Cybercriminals Use Kobe Bryant Wallpaper For Cyptojack Victims

according to Microsoft Security Intelligence researchers, cybercriminals have embedded a coin mining script into a digital wallpaper starring the recently deceased basketball star Kobe Bryant.

Documented in a series of tweets Microsoft said last week that its Defender SmartScreen was blocking the script after identifying it as a Trojan virus. It is not known if the unscrupulous crooks managed to take advantage of the Bryant explosion.

2. Ex-NFL tycoon rejects plea deal over cryptocurrency laundering costs

Reginald Fowler, a former contributor to the NFL team of the Minnesota Vikings, who was arrested for allegedly running an unlicensed money transfer business used for crypto exchange deposits change rejected a plea offer made by prosecutors.

Fowler is said to have pleaded guilty to one crime on the grounds that he would lose $ 371 million held in more than 50 different accounts, writes BNN Bloomberg.

However, the accused said that he would only accept to confiscate the assets that are currently in the accounts.

3. Luxembourg financial regulator warns of illegal cryptocurrency activities

The Financial Sector Supervisory Commission (CSSF) in Luxembourg issued a warning for a suspected cryptocurrency company last week. According to an announcement from the CSSF, Crypto Bull operates from offices based in Luxembourg, but has not registered with the regulator.

Credit: CSSF