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Pay attention to successful people and you will find only one attribute that they share in common. This unique attribute is "hunger". We have many words used to describe the concept of hunger, such as motivated, ambitious, noisy and intrinsic motivation. The root cause of the thirst for success is "lack", it is "desire".

There was a woman who worked for me some time ago. She didn’t dress like I thought a salesperson should dress. She didn't sell like I thought a seller should sell. His approach and persistence deserved an international treaty or at least a prohibition order, which I expected to receive in the form of a phone call from an angry prospect or A visit to the local sheriff's office.

My salesperson kept calling the big companies that were spending a lot in our category, asking for a meeting until the prospect gave in. At meetings, she asked for orders. At a meeting, she asked the potential client for orders so many times, the prospect replied, "If I give you orders, will you leave?"

Naturally, I was dismayed by his brute force approach, preferring rather the art of consultative selling. I was certain that she couldn't execute my approach and that I couldn't share it effectively with her.

As much as you might think that hunger is selfish, self-oriented and greedy, this is not always true. What is true is that motivated people do things for their reasons to fulfill a desire to achieve.

When I sought to understand what motivated the most income-generating saleswoman in the region, I discovered that she was a single mother raising two children alone. Her only goal in life was to give her daughters the life she thought she deserved – and the one she never had. As a product of a mother who shared this belief, I can attest to its infinite power.


At some point, you accept a certain level of comfort and slow down, allowing things as they are, perhaps giving up on what you want. Call it "anti-hunger", this term is better – and more loaded – than something like "satisfied". Hunger provides motivation and dynamism, while "anti-hunger" suggests abandonment, complacency, conceding to the status quo without even a groan.

As you mature, it is rare to find people who expect more from you than you expect from yourself. If you are lucky enough to have a leader who sees in you something that you cannot see or have not seen, you have found someone who deserves to be followed. Most of the time, and unfortunately, it is rare that you find such a person today, because we are all too busy watching the screens, with relationships that are for the most part far too transactional.

Many would tell you to be grateful for what you have, me among them. There are more that suggest that you shouldn't want, that wanting will hurt you. Some will say that wanting will leave you disappointed, a limiting belief and a fear that some people will feel the need to feed others as a form of validation.

You want to be happy but never satisfied. Satisfied is "anti-hunger".

Stay hungry

When I sign copies of Eat Their Lunch, I always mark it with the words "Stay Hungry", a shortcut to keep you motivated, your desire. Because this book aims to steal customers from your competitors, it means staying competitive, maintaining the desire to win – or "wanting".

The universe does not expect much from you or from the nearly eight billion other people who occupy this improbable rock covered with water slowly surrounding a giant fireball. Your life is yours to do what you want – or don't want. The universe accepts neither, without protest, and without complaining.

We all have an intrinsic motivation, although many are determined to achieve only comfort. The reason why so many people are grouped into "the average" is that it is comfortable, requiring no more effort than the level necessary to maintain their comfort. The "anti-hunger" are difficult to motivate because they do not "want".

Finding your hunger means deciding what you want. It also means allowing yourself to want, exchanging comfort for effort, now for later, satisfied for dissatisfied. The difficult part for many people is the lack of belief that they can have what they want and become the person able to acquire it.

Aren't you hungry?

If you want to regain your appetite, you start by recognizing what you want and converting those ideas into goals. There are precisely two reasons why people do not reach their goals: 1) they are not really attached to their goal (that is, they do not not want, and 2). They don't have the discipline to run long enough to reach their goals.

To bring your goals to life, you need a better strategy than SMART goals; you need a compelling "why" that drives you towards your goals. The intrinsic motivation, your thirst for success, comes from your appetite, and your desire comes from your reasons. If there is no consequence if you do not reach your goal, it is unlikely that you will achieve it. If you can live without result, you will.

You will find more motivation in your reasons than in the purpose itself. Writing down your goals and the reasons for achieving them every day will make you hungry.

The gap between where you are now and where you could – or should be – is a matter of hunger, intense desire, motivation. If you're not driving, give yourself something and let it inspire you.

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