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You had good intentions when you defined your defined goals for the year. Over time, maybe life has bothered him, or maybe your enthusiasm has waned. It is also possible that you did not provide yourself with the disciplines that would produce the goal long after the end of your excitement. Whatever the reason, if you still want what you want, you need to restart your personal goals and try again.

Don't leave yourself

When some people don't reach their goal, they give up on reaching it. But they don't give up on their goal so much that they give up on themselves. Although you may never achieve a specific result, you should never quit smoking.

Perhaps the goal was more complicated than you imagined when you committed to it, and you underestimated the amount of time and energy that it would take to you. A miscalculation is feedback that informs your future attempts (plural, as it suggests persistence, a necessary attribute of those who end up achieving their goals). Maybe you lacked discipline with your old habits and habits that dominated your will, something that would make you human and nothing that should make you quit smoking.

Many before you failed to reach their performance goals on the first, second, or thirty-third attempt, and then set and achieve their goals later. You'll make sure you never get what you want when you quit smoking. Pick up, dust and take care of it.

Don't worry about what others think

There are two schools of thought around goals. One suggests that you never tell anyone your specific goals, that public failure could embarrass you and make you give up. The other says that the goals you make public create a sense of responsibility. My advice would be to avoid worrying about what others think of you.

It doesn't matter that you don't reach your goal dramatically, which ended up getting you unwanted attention. There is no shame in failing, especially when the desired result is difficult to achieve. What is worth it not to force yourself to stretch, grow and become the kind of person who could achieve your goal?

Failure is part of success, not something separate.

Nobody's opinion on setting your goals, your inability to reach these goals or your success in achieving them may be more important than yours, let alone those who will not attend your funeral. .

Recognize where and how you negotiate with yourself

When we miss our targets, most of the time, it is because we are weak negotiators. We are negotiating with ourselves, promising to do something that would contribute to our goals later so that we can do something more interesting or enjoyable now. When later arrives, we don't do what we promised ourselves earlier.

You have to start by noticing when and how you negotiate with yourself. When the little voice in your head starts to suggest that it will not hurt to follow that urge or that, that there will be time later, you have to reject the offer long enough so that the little voice disappears forever.

If you want something, you have to make it non-negotiable. The most meaningful voice inside of you, the part of you that wants your goal to be the dominant decision maker, rejecting any negotiation from the weakest part of you, the part of you that seeks comfort on the Effort, gaming on the job and Netflix on the sweat.

Re-hire and get the job done

Re-commit to your goal. Remember why you set yourself the goal in the first place. What does achieving your goal do for you and what can you avoid? Write down your short-term and long-term goals.

If you want better buy-in and greater certainty in achieving your goals, you will also write the action plans necessary to achieve them.

When it comes to engagements, you won't find a better place to start than with a list of the daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly disciplines necessary to reach your goal. Keeping the disciplines until they become habits will support you much longer than your inspiration or motivation.

Without knowing your goals, I know you haven't done the work to reach them. Know that your commitment to work is proof of your commitment to your goal. It would be better to be engaged in the task, even absent from the goal. It's the work that produces the result, not the fact that you want it.


Today is the first day. Nothing you have done in the past matters. You have a clean slate to do with what you want. Any lack of success in the past is nothing more than the education that brought you to this place – right now.

Your past successes are information about what worked as you progressed.

The first day is better than New Years Day, a day that may be far in the future or recently past. January 1 is no better than February 26 when it comes to starting or starting over.

Restart. Press the power button. Push it again. Restart.

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