2020 Professional Playlist Announced!

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The 2020 edition of the NWCG Wildland Fire Leadership Development Program Professional Reading List is now online at the Professional Reading Program website.

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Presence by Amy Cuddy

This is a great book to use as part of the national forest fire leadership campaign in 2020 – "Do you know who you are?" because it focuses on many things that a leader can use to better understand himself and develop his presence in command. You may have seen the TED talk associated with this book because it was a huge success and was widely shared.

Link to the Presence discussion guide

picture of the book jacket wherever you go

Wherever you go, you are there by Jon Kabat-Zinn

It has long been recognized that mindfulness training and practice is a valuable skill for firefighters and other fire managers, fire chiefs like Paul Gleason and Ted Putnam advocating mindfulness practice in organization of fires. This is a great introduction to the concept and practice of mindfulness, and contains many useful tips and ideas that can be applied anywhere.

Link to the discussion guide Wherever you go You are

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Chaos call sign by Jim Mattis and Bing West

In this book, Jim Mattis shares the lessons of leadership acquired over decades of service as a leader in the United States Marine Corps, at all levels, from the chief to the senior advisor to the commander-in-chief. This dissertation is a gold mine of ideas and lessons for leaders of all levels of an organization, and many of the concepts found inside can be directly transferred to leadership in as part of forest fires.

Link to The Call Sign Chaos discussion guide

image of a book cover for Hal Moore on Leadership Hal Moore on leadership by Hal Moore and Mike

Hal Moore is probably best known for his book We were soldiers once … and young, and this book contains his ideas and lessons on leadership developed over a long and active career in the U.S. military. Although part of the language of the book is from another era, leadership concepts and advice are still valid today, especially in the wildfire service.

Link to Hal Moore on the Leadership Discussion Guide

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The Chef's Library by James Stavridis and R. Manning Ancell

A book on books that contains some basic ideas on the value of a reading program in leadership development, and a list of 50 books recommended by more than 200 military leaders. Each book on the list has a section on why it was recommended, the author's background, the subject of the book, and what to learn from reading it.

Why participate in a playlist? It's all about personal development … if you want to be a better leader and follower, reading and thinking are great tools to help you do that.

All branches of the U.S. military have professional reading programs, and a key component of these programs is the recommendation that each leader read several books per year. Many companies have demanded readings for their supervisors and managers. For a hundred dollars, a firefighters organization can build a library from the titles of this list (and other titles from the main list on the site) and implement a reading program on its unit. 39; origin, or develop the one it has.
It is not a busy job; it is not a chore. It is a task well worth the time and effort. These readings will provoke reflection, discussion and debate. Leaders are readers!

Contact Justin Vernon by email [email protected] regarding questions, concerns and book suggestions.