The Most Important Personal Standard · The Sales Blog

You will be measured by your work. You will make a reputation for yourself. Whether or not the reputation you wish to precede will be determined by your standard. Those who have low standards are known to have low standards. Likewise, those with high standards have a special reputation.

Who you are is important. The opportunities that come your way – or don't find you – are going to be determined by your work and reputation. Others will measure you according to your standards.


You are what you seem to be. There is no inconsistency between what you say you are and your actions. If you say you are going to do something, you do it. If you say you won't do it, you don't do it. For integrity to be your norm, it must permeate every part of your life.

You cannot be like those people who claim to be a person of integrity in their business relationships but who do not have the same integrity in their personal lives. Or vice versa.

Integrity is binary. You have it or you don't have it. Once you prove that you lack integrity, you no longer have the personal standard that would help you create and maintain the relationships necessary for a successful life. Of all the things that you need to maintain, integrity is the most important.


When you commit to doing something, you do it. If, for whatever reason, you cannot do what you agree to, you renegotiate your agreement or find a way to produce the result in another way. It is also crucial that when you commit, you invest yourself, never retain any part of the value you create and you give up on everything you have agreed to do.

Your standard should be based on your compliance with your commitments and, more importantly, your total commitment. This quality of a personal standard is based on your commitment to excellence in everything you do.

Your best effort

It is important that your personal standard does your best for everything you do. It is a difficult standard to meet, especially if you are not fully committed and when you prefer to do something else. Life doesn't look like much in high school, where you could postpone your work, do less than what is necessary, accept a C minus grade when you are able to get an A-plus.

You will be measured by your switchboard. Those who give all their best effort accumulate rewards far above those who refuse to exert effort, mainly when they are known to be able to do much more than they do. provide.


Execution is a personal standard. This means that once a plan is established and agreed, you take immediate action to move any project, initiative or goal for which you are responsible. There are many people who speak and many fewer who follow their speech. Your standard should be that once the conversation is over, you are already taking action, doing whatever needs to be done.

Your standard should be that you are an action oriented person, violently executing your plans today, without pontificating, talking and sharing how wonderful the outcome will be in the future. Instead, your standard should be seen in your performance.


Lots of ideas overlap here, but this one in particular. Integrity not only means doing what you say you are going to do, but it also means that you are producing the result implicit in your promises. Your commitments all depend on an outcome, making your promise a commitment to deliver the result.

A result that is half of what it could have been if you had given it the best of yourself is not the result you committed to. Your best effort is your standard. Your results are the result of your execution.

Maybe you are bored

The boredom of what you do has much less to do with the work you do and much more to your standard. The fact that you are bored proves that you have a personal standard that is at least three sizes too small.

If you increase your level, decide to make what you do exceptional, by creating more value than anyone would dare, you will not be bored anymore. Instead, you would be inspired, and maybe even a little scared, imagining what is possible.